CoaX Helicopters

CoaX Helicopters Limited was formed to commercialise coaxial rotor system technology into both manned helicopters and also unmanned Helicopters or UAS (unmanned aerial systems).

At Coax Helicopters we are currently harnessing this technology to design, develop, manufacture, market and distribute a revolutionary range of new Coaxial Rotor Systems into small format, easy-to-fly, helicopters for Australian and overseas markets.

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Coaxial Rotor System

Coax helicopters utilise coaxial rotor systems. This design is recognised as being more stable, more robust, safer, faster and quieter than traditional helicopters.

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Unmanned CoaX - Bring this Project to Life

We need your help to create our Disaster Relief CoaX Unmanned helicopter. 

Fire and Emergency Services need this capability.

Disaster Relief needs this capability.


Sophisticated and professional investors are welcome to join us at CoaX Helicopters Limited to help us achieve our goals of full scale production.

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